René Pelissier

Pelissier René

René Pelissier is a French historian.

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Docteur d'Etat-ès-lettres, he specializes in colonial and military history of Portugal and in the history of the Lusophone countries of Africa and Asia in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. He wrote several books on the subject (gray Wars, The Colony Minotaur, born in Mozambique, Guiné Birth of) authoritative.

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n°52 Third Quarter 2014

Tchicaya U Tam’si. Le viol de la nuit. Vie et œuvre d’un maudit Boniface Mongo-Mboussa Vents d’ailleurs, 2014Deprived of the affection of his mother from earliest childhood, Gérald subsequently has considerable difficulty in following the path mapped out for him by his father, one of the “évolués”, the so-called African elite produced by the colonial administration, who very quickly leaves teaching for various clerical posts in the...


n°48 Third Quarter 2013

BOOK REVIEWS.Théo Ananissoh. Tunis, Elyzad, 2013. For about ten years, the Togolese Théo Ananissoh has been patiently  putting  together  a  book  centred  on  the  African individual and his environment (landscape, history, food, etc.). If he is less well-known than his compatriots Kossi Efoui,   


n°47 Second Quarter 2013

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n°44 Third Quarter 2012

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n°42 First Quarter 2012

They refer to themselves as “African Countries where Portuguese is the official language” (PALOP), but that acronym is not necessarily understood by all their partners in the African Union. There are five of them — Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, São Tomé and Principe, Angola and Mozambique — that belong to the Union, but contrary to the linguistic and geographical blocs formed by some of the Francophone, Anglophone and Arab-speaking countries, they do not share...


n°41 Fourth Quarter 2011

An overview, in the figurative sense, often implies a distanced and cursory glance. This now seems inevitable when we remember that each year worldwide about 15,000 books are published on Africa alone. No one would be capable of taking stock of them all, however superficially. We have long since accepted the impossibility of universal exhaustiveness

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n°39 January February 2011

REFLECTIONS ON SOME AFRICAN WARS. BARREL OF A GUN. A WAR CORRESPONDENT’S MISSPENT MOMENTS IN COMBATAl J. VenterPhiladelphia, Casemate, 2010, 504 pp. MY FRIEND THE MERCENARY James BrabazonEdinburgh, Canongate, 2010, 457 pp. CHILD SOLDIERS IN THE AGE OF FRACTURED STATES. Scott Gates & Simon ReichPittsburgh (PA), University of Pittsburgh Press, 2010, 310 pp. ANGOLSKY POCHOD SMRTIVladimir KavciakPrague, Nakladatelstvi XYZ, 2009, 335 pp. TWO MOONS IN AFRICA. BARBARA AND BRENT SWAN’S STORY OF...