Mossadeck Bally

Bally Mossadeck

CEO of the Malian Azalai Hotel group

Biographie de Bally Mossadeck

CEO of the Malian Azalai Hotel group, Mossadeck Bally, aged 54, built from scratch a West Afri- can hotel chain with 700 rooms and as many employees. He owns four hotels in Bamako, as well as the legendary Hôtel de l’Indépendance in Ougadougou, completely ransacked during the political uprisings of 30 October 2014. He also owns the Hôtel de la Plage in Cotonou and the 24 de Setem- bro Hotel in Bissau. The son of a Malian shopkeeper, from the Arab community of Timbuktu, this businessman studied management in San Francisco and began by buying the Grand Hotel in Ba- mako when it was privatised in 1993. Then aged 32, he persuaded his bank to lend him 1.5 million euros so that he could turn the “tired” place into a four-star hotel that would satisfy the demands of African businessmen. Twenty years later, he is seeking to raise 150 million euros to finance the expansion of the Azalai group in the subregion

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n°54 First Quarter 2015

Interview with    African Geopolitics – Your group, with 100% African capital, is rapidly expanding. Mossadeck Bally – In May 2015, we shall open a hotel in Nouakchott that is currently undergoing renovation; its capacity will also be increased. By September or October we are planning to open in Abidjan-Marcory. In 2017, we hope to do the same in Niamey and Dakar and in 2018, in Conakry.