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An military officer who ended his career in intelligence and author of a doctoral thesis on southern Africa, the author has contributed many articles to the review Défense nationale and a number of books, including Le Défi sud-africain, L’Algérie française, un tragique malentendu, L’Odyssée des mercenaires, Femmes de guerre and Les Ravages de la désinformation.

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n°56 Fourth Quarter 2015

Nelson Mandela’s accession to power in May 1994 and the end of  apartheid created a  breath of  optimism in  the country    of the Cape of Good Hope. The metamorphosis was all the more highly praised because it was not accompanied by violent reactions from the white  minority•1,  including  the  extremist  fringe.  Contrary  to  what many oracles had predicted, there was no civil war between the black and...