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Berman Jonathan

American economist and strategic consultant

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American economist and strategic consultant based in Washington, D.C., Jonathan Berman, 47 years old, is the author of a blog dedicated to Africa on the Harvard Business Review website. He is editor of Success in Africa: CEO Insights from a Continent on the Rise (Editions Diateino, Paris, 2014) having gathered testimonials from CEOs of major African and American companies on their operations and approach to markets on the continent.

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n°54 First Quarter 2015

Interview with Jonathan Berman edited by  African Geopolitics— Is there the same enthusiasm in the    United States for the rise of Africa as in Europe or  China? Jonathan Berman — I believe that Europe, and notably France has a warmer, longer and deeper history with Africa than the United States. The fact that Africa is seen as an opportunity is a very new concept in New York or Los Angeles. The awareness about growth rates in Africa has grown but it is...