Guy Feuer

Honorary Professor at Paris V University

Biographie de Feuer Guy

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Ses articles


n°51 Second Quarter 2014

 In the minds of the French people and of the peoples formerly under French domination, colonialism and decolonisation are generally regarded as phenomena belonging to the past. At first sight, it would seem that nothing remains but memories, nostalgic for some, bitter for others.


n°47 Second Quarter 2013

As the African Union celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the creation of the OAU and itself seems to be still finding its way,

Rehtinking Franco-African Relations

n°45 Fourth Quarter 2012

On the subject of relations between France and sub-Saharan Africa, everything and its opposite has been said, whether it is about colonisation, decolonisation, cooperation, “Françafrique,” the so-called “civilising mission,” the “imperialist looting,” the “tears of the white man” (Pascal Bruckner) and the “tears of the black man” (Alain Mabanckou), unbalanced trade, acculturation, etc., etc. In all these claims, declarations,...


n°41 Fourth Quarter 2011

At the time of writing, the European Union, the Mediterranean world and sub-Saharan Africa are being rocked by crises of such intensity and gravity that we may wonder whether for the moment there is any point in talking of Euro-African relations. In fact, these crises are challenging all the balances that pertained

Africa, the G20 and World Governance

n°39 January February 2011

In 2010 new meetings of the G20 were held that we all awaited with a mixture of hope and scepticism1. That is why it is important to provide some tools for reflexion in order to better grasp the usefulness, ambiguities and inadequacies of this mechanism, especially when it comes to the interests of the African continent.

Asia in Africa: Toward a new Afro-Asianism

n°37 July-September 2010

Since the beginning of the new millennium, Asia’s presence has been growing on the African continent1. From the geopolitical point of view, the immense Asian continent cannot be considered as a more or less organised whole in the same way that this could be said of America, Europe or Africa.

The Copenhagen conference, Africa and developing countries

n°36 January-February 2010

Considered by many as an unfortunate failure, by some, on the other hand, as a first step towards the establishment of a global ecological law, the Conference on Climate Change held in Copenhagen from 7 to 18 December 2009 deserves the full attention of Africans. It is in fact the first time during a global conference that developing countries, and in particular African countries, presented themselves not only as the recipients of laws established for them by others, but as real actors, intent...

The new papal encuclical: Towards an integral development within globalisation

n°35 July-September 2009

On 29 June 2009, Pope Benedict XVI signed the Encyclical Caritas in veritate (CV, Charity in Truth), the third encyclical letter of his pontificate1. The document was made public on 6 July 2009, during a general audience at the Vatican, during which it was presented by the Pope himself. It has been justly observed that the choice of such a date was no coincidence, since two days later marked the beginning of a G8 meeting, in the Italian town of Aquila, destroyed two months earlier by a violent...

The crisis : First lessons

n°32 October-December 2008

The crisis that erupted in the United states in the autumn of 2007 has spread rapidly, albeit in different forms and with varied intensity, to practically the whole world.