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A French writer and journalist and former Le Figaro correspondent in India and South Asia for ten years, François Gautier is the author of Quand l’Inde s’éveille, la France est endormie (Editions du Rocher, 2013). Resident in India for 44 years and married to an Indian, he is the editor-in-chief of the Nouvelle Revue de l’Inde, published by l’Harmattan

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n°56 Fourth Quarter 2015

“I declare this 3rd India-Africa Summit open.” The Indian prime minister Narendra Modi had made no attempt to conceal his pride when he symbolically lit the Hindu candelabra with its five branches on 26 October, under the attentive gaze of 40 African heads of state  and ministers. A record 44 heads of state and government of the 52 countries invited came to Delhi from 26 to 29 October for the biggest meeting of its kind in India in over 30 years. It was attended by the King of...