Fouad Benhalla

Benhalla Fouad

Ph.D. in Political Science, former Director-General of Radio France Internationale.

Biographie de Benhalla Fouad

Fouad Benhall, Doctor of Law, Journalist, Editor and Director of Information and Programs, Director General of RFI. Chaired Canal France International to its creation, then Managing Director of Radio Monte Carlo Middle East. Currently, President of HMI. Author of the book "Radio War" (1983).

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The francophone world and the challenge of the media

n°44 Third Quarter 2012

The Petit Robert dictionary gives the following definition of “Francophonie”: “The group of French-speaking peoples.” If this definition is taken literally, the media must therefore represent a challenge for all of these peoples. In the opinion of Michel Jobert, ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs in Georges Pompidou’s government, “French words have set off to travel the world and they have returned equipped to surprise and sparkle.” This is the real...

Sub-saharan Africa: The challenges of communication

n°37 July-September 2010

What is Africa’s position today vis-à-vis the media, fifty years after independence? Before we attempt to respond to this question, we must first of all acknowledge that it is thanks to modern media that democracy is advancing in sub-Saharan Africa. We can even suggest without exaggeration that the wind of democracy is blowing more strongly in the African world than in the neighbouring Arab world, though it is wealthier and more urbanised.