Dougoukolo Konaré

 Konaré Dougoukolo

A clinical psychologist

Biographie de Konaré Dougoukolo

A clinical psychologist, aged 27, based in Paris, the youngest son of the former president of Mali, Alpha Oumar Konaré (1992-2002) and of the historian and writer Adame Ba Konaré, his doctoral thesis at Paris-Descartes University was entitled “The Functions of Religious Investment in Islam in Mali”. His clinical approach, focused on the analysis of emotions, is useful to him in his research on anger and hatred in Mali, but also in his activism on behalf of the Fulani people,
particularly as the director of Kisal, the human rights branch of the Tabital Pulaaku International Association, whose purpose is to give a voice to the nomadic communities in West Africa. He regularly contributes to conferences in Africa and Europe on problems related to religion, peace and human rights on the continent.


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n°54 First Quarter 2015

Anew Mali is taking shape, after three years of continuing instability. The fire which has engulfed this great country of the Sahel continues to break down and rebuild its identity. Even today, while international mediators, the Malian government and representatives of the rebel movements assembled in Algiers are making a commitment to the country’s revival, the inherent causes of the “Malian crisis” are barely present in the official statements.