Christian Gambotti

Gambotti Christian

Director General of the Institut Choiseul

Biographie de Gambotti Christian

Director General of the Institut Choiseul, holder of the Agrégation, editor of the ‘L’Afrique en marche’ and ‘Planète francophone’ collections published by Editions Alpharès, he is also the editorial adviser of the magazine Afriki Presse, in which he has a regular column.

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n°54 First Quarter 2015

We are at the beginning of a  huge geopolitical, geo-economic and  geostrategic  upheaval  which  was  set  in  motion   with the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989. Contrary to what many observers believed at the time, the 21st century will be neither Chinese nor American, but African! The economic growth forecasts for the continent are based on observable, measurable and quantifiable  facts.