Christian de Boissieu

de Boissieu Christian

Chairman of the Economic Analysis Council, Professor at Paris I University-Panthéon-Sorbonne

Biographie de de Boissieu Christian

Christian de Boissieu (March 18, 1947 -) is an academic economist and French. He is Chairman of the Council of Economic Analysis (CAE) since 2003 and speaks regularly in the media.

He favored a policy of supply .It is specifically Wicksellian, named after the Swedish economist Knut Wicksell.

Ses articles

Africa and the new global economic governance

n°37 July-September 2010

The global crisis which began in 2007 was initially related to finance and banking, but it quickly took on economic and social dimensions; first and foremost, it has had tragic consequences for its direct victims: the unemployed, those whose poverty has been aggravated through the lack of job security in some regions of the world.

The crisis and Africa

n°32 October-December 2008

The gravity of the banking and financial crisis demanded responses in the very short term, but today it also requires an appreciation of its economic consequences and the necessary overhaul of global finance. Africa is affected by this crisis, which was financial in the beginning, but rapidly became economic. It must take an active role in the overhaul exercise, which began within the context of the G20 and is going to occupy the next few years.