Blandine Olive Tchamou

Tchamou Blandine Olive

Biographie de Tchamou Blandine Olive

A Cameroonian environmental activist, Blandine Olive Tchamou, 42, is the coordinator of the Non-Governmental Organisation Mieux Être, based in Douala, which she founded after a stay in Switzerland and another in Nigeria. She has a degree in Social Science and a post-graduate diploma in “youth, popular education and sport” (DE JEPS), specialising in project management, awarded by the French Ministry of Youth and Sport.


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n°56 Fourth Quarter 2015

The Conference of the Parties (COP) has always been broadly open to civil society. The first of its kind, held in Berlin in 1995, included the participation of 176 NGOs. Over subsequent meetings the number rose, with 1750 attending COP20 in Lima. Before the drastic security measures made necessary by the attacks of 13 November in Paris, the accreditation given to civil society for this COP21 suggested that a new participation record would be set as its representatives were due to account for...