Bernard Chantebout

Chantebout Bernard

Professor at Paris V-René Descartes University

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n°52 Third Quarter 2014

In 1966, I had published an essay on the third world which received a “mixed” reception. Economists such as Daniel Cohen or editorial writers such as Alain-Gérard Slama gave it the thumbs-up, but others, known as “third-worldists”, criticised me for it, sometimes in extremely sharp and even offensive terms.•[1] I was not surprised by their reaction because I was announcing the imminent disappearance of the concept of the third world. Three years later,...

1990: Namibia in the Concert of Nations

n°45 Fourth Quarter 2012

It is not without emotion that I recall my participation in drafting the Namibian Constitution. This desert country (two million inhabitants in an area one and a half times the size of France) is intensely moving in its desire to build its national unity by seeking a common past for its peoples. I had visited its capital Windhoek some years earlier. Except for its station, an incongruous example of imperial German architecture, there was nothing very remarkable about the little town. But for...