Alain Joyandet

Joyandet Alain

French Secretary of State for Cooperation and Francophonie from March 2008 to July 2010

Biographie de Joyandet Alain

Alain Joyandet, born January 15, 1954 in Dijon, is an entrepreneur and a French politician, member of the RPR and UMP.

Industrial and patron of local press, the mayor of Vesoul since 1995 and former member of the Haute-Saone, he was Secretary of State for Cooperation and Francophonie of the March 18, 2008 July 4, 2010, when, made publicly in difficulty in the government, he resigned from his post.

He is the son of a hotel-restaurant became a cattle dealer and a shopkeeper.

He studied at secondary school Montchapet in Dijon and in high school Cournot Gray and began studying medicine in Dijon before turning to journalism.

Between 1974 and 1978, he was working for the weekly Haute-Saône La Presse de Gray. In 1981, he launched the Press Vesoul, and with the liberalization of the airwaves, a network based local radio stations, including Radio Val de Saône (SVR). In 1982, he founded and chairs the Club des entrepreneurs Haute-Saone.

He bought the 1986 Group Publishing Grandfather (GREEK), owner of La Presse de Gray, and includes such companies within the Company's new editions Comtois (SNEC), media group of some fifty employees in 2009, which includes Also from 1996, Franche-Comte impressions based printing Auxonne. It also takes the presidency in 1986 the football club CFSU Vesoul, he abandoned his election as mayor of Vesoul, nine years later.

Founding member of the 1991 GIE The Independent, covering regional radio stations, he sold his stations to NRJ Group. In 2005, he launched L'Hebdo de Besançon [2]. It also owns 99% of Médiatour SARL with a capital of 85 million euros, which includes water activities and whose wife is the manager. Médiatour owns 80% of three companies: Bavaria Motor Boats France, Europe Yachts and Yachting Selection, all three are managed by his daughter and buy, sell and rent boats.

He entered politics in 1989 as alderman of Vesoul opposition, including opposition to the privatization of the management of city water [4]. In 1992, he became head of the community of communes of the agglomeration of Vesoul and became vice-president of the General Council of Haute-Saone after his election in the Canton of Vesoul-Ouest [2]. He was elected mayor of the city, 1995, against the outgoing Socialist mayor Loïc Niepceron and Senator of the Haute-Saone. He leaves the presidency of the Community of communes of the agglomeration of Vesoul in 1998 and was reelected mayor in 2001.

RPR National Secretary responsible for new technologies, he established in his city, from 1998, the Star project, which aims to connect schools to the Internet and governments and residents to initiate the multimedia via a digital public space . Member of the Political Bureau of the RPR, then the UMP, he is close to Alain Juppe then Nicolas Sarkozy. He then became National Secretary of the UMP federations.

He left the Senate when he was elected the first district of the Haute-Saone, in parliamentary elections in June 2002. He was reelected June 10, 2007, for the thirteenth legislature (2007-2012), under the UMP. Secretary of State for Cooperation and Francophony

Male confidence and close to Nicolas Sarkozy Masonic circles, he was appointed at the Cabinet reshuffle following the 2008 municipal elections, Secretary of State for Cooperation and Francophonie in the government Francois Fillon II, to replace Jean -Marie Bockel. It keeps the mayor of Vesoul and his deputy to the National Assembly, Patrick Debray, succeeded him as MP.

As Secretary of State, in contrast to his predecessor who said he wanted to end French Africa, he renewed relations with African leaders, Omar Bongo in Libreville meeting three weeks after his appointment. While his minister, Bernard Kouchner, limited involvement in the continent, Alain Joyandet is the voice of the Secretary General of the Élysée Claude Gueant and advisor to Nicolas Sarkozy, Robert Bourgi, conducting diplomacy in these parallel countries. He advocates a pragmatic policy, supporting the election of Ali Bongo in Gabon. After having intervened to settle the political crisis in Madagascar, the act he came to power Rajoelina. He was criticized when it shows alongside the coup, the Mauritanian Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz and Moussa Dadis Guinean Camara. Its action is based on a vision of "business" of cooperation, through the encouragement of private investment in Africa rather than loans, but failed to assert itself vis-à-vis the French Development Agency, and the promotion of the Francophonie. His proposal to partially fund development aid in Africa by a lottery has received a mixed reception.

Only the primary candidate, he was appointed by the militants to UMP lead the party list for election 2010 Regional Franche-Comte, obtaining 2365 votes. Leading the first lap, cited by Nicolas Sarkozy for his tenacity and his defense of the government balance sheet during the campaign, he lost the election against Socialist Marie-Guite Dufay, with 38.36% against 47.41 to list of his opponent without his ministerial career is questioned. During this campaign, he manages the repatriation of two young Franche-Comté convicted of drug trafficking in the Dominican Republic.

Its location on a private jet for € 116,500 to travel to Martinique, where he was to attend an international conference for reconstruction after the earthquake in Haiti, triggered a controversy that pushed the Prime Minister François Fillon to recall rules concerning the conditions of travel for the Government. A few months later, chained duck suspected of having received a building permit for the illegal extension of his house in Grimaud (Var), which permits shortly after he gave while proclaiming his innocence.

Shaken by these two cases and in a more general questioning of several members of government, he announced his resignation from the Government 4 July 2010. The government spokesman Luc Chatel said then that it was President Nicolas Sarkozy and Prime Minister Francois Fillon who asked that his resignation, at the same time as the Secretary of State for Greater Paris, Christian Blanc, also at the center of controversy. However, as part of the French press is actually Alain Joyandet who took the initiative to resign, against the advice of Nicolas Sarkozy, who had hoped until the fall.

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