African Geopolitics

Decoding the new global challenges

African Geopolitics  is a high-profile instrument for analyzing the progress of political, economic, social and cultural integration in the Continent’s different regions.  Special attention is paid to developments in the framework of regional organizations (ECOWAS, CAEMC, ECCAS, SADC), international institutions (UN, IMF, the World Bank), security and crisis management.

In ten years African Geopolitics has become a reference of analysis regarding the African continent’s future.

The journal is published in two separate language versions – in English and French – and is circulated all around the world.

Its internationally renowned authors share two major common features: notoriety  and experience.

- Notoriety. Each issue contains articles written by prestigious authors. No matter whether they are Africans or not, all of them have in-depth knowledge of the geopolitics of Africa and their notoriety helps attract an international audience to the journal.

-  Experience. Most of the articles published in the journal’s different issues are written by acknowledged experts – actors or analysts and theoreticians of the Continent’s evolution. They help transform African Geopolitics into a high-profile instrument of analysis in the interests of both governments and individuals, of Africa’s present and future.

An international leading team

- Henri Lopes (Writer, former ambassador of the Congo to France) : the journal’s President and Director-General.

- Henri  Ossebi (Former minister of  Energy and Water of  the Congo) : Director in charge of Coordination.

- Patrick Wajsman (Founder of the Politique Internationale journal) : President of the Editorial Committee.


Knowing the world better

The journal’s readership includes heads of State and Government, diplomats, international institutions, university professors, corporate officials etc.

The choice of topics and major themes analysed in African Geopolitics is defined by the following leading principles which are at the heart of the concerns of African States:
- The consolidation of Africa’s place on the international scene.
- The adjustment in its favor of the balance within international institutions.
- The Continent’s overall political organization.
- Crisis prevention and management.
- The deployment of regional security systems.
- Regional political cooperation.
- Economic and monetary integration.
- Development of major infrastructure projects.
- New communication means and technologies.
- The environment and preservation of nature’s balance.

In order to make African Geopolitics  a mainstream instrument of analysis, the editorial team establishes partnerships with major organizations, corporate players and institutions working to promote sustainable development and Africa’s all-reaching role in the world.