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Boutin Christophe


As the highest authority of the United Nations Framework Convention on  Climate Change (UNFCCC), the  Conference  of the Parties (COP) is responsible for its implementation, in particular assessing the impacts of measures taken by various parties. After France, which is the host in Paris of the 21st Conference of the Parties to an agreement involving 195 countries, it will be the turn of Morocco to host the 22nd  COP next year in Marrakech.


Gautier François


“I declare this 3rd India-Africa Summit open.” The Indian prime minister Narendra Modi had made no attempt to conceal his pride when he symbolically lit the Hindu candelabra with its five branches on 26 October, under the attentive gaze of 40 African heads of state  and ministers. A record 44 heads of state and government of the 52 countries invited came to Delhi from 26 to 29 October for the biggest meeting of its kind in India in over 30 years. It was attended by the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, as a guest of  honour,  accompanied by a delegation of 400 people, since Morocco is India’s top supplier of phosphates. Also present were the King of Swaziland, the Chairperson of the African  Union  Commission,  Dr  Nkosazana  Dlamini-Zuma,  the President of the Republic of Mali, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, the Guinean president Alpha Condé, as well as the eternal Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. “India and Africa represent one third of the world’s population, with a large majority of young people, said the Indian prime minister. The future of this energetic and talented youth will be the engine that will propel India and Africa to better  tomorrows.”


Young Alden

America between afro-optimism and afro-pessimism

The institutional arrangements for African Studies in  the United States are very diverse. This is explained in large part by the racial dynamic specific to each US campus, as well as to the teaching staff and students.The opinion of America, the leading world power, of Africa, an emerging continent with rich but varied geopolitical prospects, is never anodyne. Such a perception enables an understanding of how America locates the dark continent within the great advances of the world, what its place is in the history that is being made, whether Africa is perceived in a global way in relation to American national interests, or whether the American intellectual elite can distinguish between the geographical and cultural realms. In this regard, the American way of looking at the Africans is very interesting and has much to tell us, as also does the fact that work on Africa has multiplied in recent years in the academic world in the United States

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